Water filters are useful for improving the taste of water and removing some organic molecules, such as pesticides. However, it cannot stop all inorganic molecules and there is a risk of bacterial proliferation. For this reason, whole house water filters have to be changed at regular intervals.

The laws of chemistry teach us that solvents (water, in this case) tend to go towards the most concentrated solution starting from the less concentrated one, if in the presence of a semipermeable membrane. This process is called osmosis and is the opposite of what you want to do with water because we try to send it from the point where the salts are more concentrated to the one in which they are less concentrated.

Reverse osmosis is a process that forces water to pass from a membrane in the opposite direction to what it would naturally do. The membrane collects everything because the meshes are small so the mineral salts, the molecules both organic and inorganic and even the bacteria are stopped by filters. As a result, they return pure water.

Improved taste

It is the type of domestic purifier that is frequently presented for domestic systems because it effectively removes all the substances that make unpleasant drinking tap water. In domestic demonstrations, it is shown how iron (which oxidizes becomes rust, becomes colored) disappears from the water.

The whole house water filters are large and used only for drinking water (not for water that goes to the washing machine or shower) and actually remove all the substances. This is the case even if, according to some, the lack of minerals could bring shortcomings to the body, in the long run.

Many machines allow you to choose the number of salts that must remain, but in general, the device is useful only if the water is actually not drinkable and must be made drinkable. In the event that the water is already drinkable, the whole house water filters can help to improve the taste.

They are useful for removing most of the foreign, chemical or microbiological substances, from the water we drink and making it actually drinkable.

The magnetic field filter

The water purification systems that go directly to the tap are the previous ones, while other home cleaning systems that can be put at home benefit more from being put at the source of all the water in the house rather than just kitchen faucet, because to take advantage of it are appliances, as well as us. Among these are the magnetic field purifiers. They are also known as sweeteners.