Clean water is crucial to health when it comes to cooking food, showering and especially drinking. The water that comes out of the taps these days are treated with chlorine and still contains harmful contaminants, chemicals, and bacteria. However, like oxygen, water is vital to maintaining life. Everyone needs an adequate amount of water each and every day in order for effective bodily functions. This is especially true since over 70% of the human body is made up of water.

Ironically, only a small percentage of water is really healthy to drink, and this is surprising considering two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water. The water that comes out of your tap is not pure in spite of going through a water treatment facility. This is mainly because water is easily contaminated when it is left at water treatment facilities. The same goes for water stored in private wells. One of the only ways to ensure that you have a good supply of clean and pure drinking water is to install a home water filtration system.

By using a water filtration system inside your home, you will filter out bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals from your drinking water. It’s one of the safest and simplest solutions to ensure that your family gets pure drinking water each and every time.

There are various types of home water filtration systems. However the most popular are activated carbon, ion exchange filters, and reverse osmosis systems. Activated carbon is one of the most affordable and most common water filtration systems used in homes these days. It’s installed under your sink, and all you need to do is periodically replace the filtration cartridges. This type of filtration system is known to remove heavy metals, chemicals, and parasites that are present in the water.

The ion exchange filters are also referred to as water softeners. It effectively eliminates barium and calcium from your drinking water. This is especially useful since these ions can cause health issues and prolonged exposure to them damages your internal organs. Both calcium and magnesium can also damage pipes and give your drinking water a bad taste.

Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective home water filtration systems simply because it forces the water to pass through a semi-permeable membrane by making use of air pressure. All contaminants are forced out, and this makes it one of the most effective filtration systems available.

So if you’d like to make the drinking water safe for your entire family, then you need to invest in home water filters.